Thursday, June 6, 2013

Back to the business of blogging.

It has been months -  7  to be exact since my last post. So that's one Thanksgiving, one Christmas, one New Years, one husband's birthday, one Super Bowl, one Easter/Spring break, all 3 of the kids birthdays, one Mother's day and my birthday which I just celebrated. WOOHOO!

But I think the most important turn of events for this family has been the news of my husband becoming a pastor at our church. Yes! It was certainly something he always knew he was going to do , but the timing was a bit surprising.  He hadn't even gone looking for it, in fact he had only been working about a month at his new job when he was asked to take on this other new role.  So we have shifted gears a bit and now he's been super busy.  With me not working in my old job as a children's ministry director, I can now focus more clearly on just doing my wife and mom duties, which includes blogging and maybe some crafting too :)


Mama Tino

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