Wednesday, September 25, 2013


 Our lives are busier than they've ever been and yes I really didn't have any time to craft and then blog about it -  but I did it anyway because it brings me joy! So for those of you reading this, judging me and thinking she needs to be doing something else, NEWS FLASH shouldn't you be doing something else too instead of reading my blog!

Back to the fun stuff!

It's now 3 days into the Fall and my wreath had not been changed since the spring, so like a mad scientist running through the house as Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood played over and over again(cause my 3 year old knows how to work Netflix on the Wii) again don't judge, I got to work.

Nothing spectacular it's just the same wreath that hangs on the front door (which no one even uses to come into our house btw) that I just keep changing out the flowers and banners for every season, kind of like those magnetic purses that you can change the style of as often as you like.

But first I started with this super easy flower/badge detail.  I'm a very impatient crafter,  I like to see results fast - cause remember I have no time right!

So this is somewhat of a tutorial that will help some poor soul, short of time, impatient crafter like me.

Here's what you need:

-Wire ribbon or plain ribbon (if that's all you've got on hand)
-scissors and hot glue gun
- cardboard (cereal box will do just fine)

And voila here's a nice little or as big as you want it to be flower.

Reason I used wire ribbon is because you can then shape it to look a little more 3 dimensional.

Through the magic of blogging! Here's my finished product!

And here's my front (not so used) door Fall Wreath!

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Boys love crafts too!

Thanks to the first Tropical storm of the season, we have now had our first rainy day of summer break.  Wanting to set the standard of our summer activities with limited TV and video game time, I decided we needed to get crafting.  But my son was set on making a Star Wars themed craft. WHAT! You mean you don't want to make flowers, or banners, or wreaths, O my!

Google to the rescue,  until I saw all these super detailed designs and templates. This is a 5 year old boy we're talking about here.  But I finally got inspired by this R2D2 paper craft by Tip Junkie seen here. She's a lot more organized and I used whatever was on hand in my craft stash, but still real easy to create.

So here's what you need:

-white poster board or stiff card stock or cardboard.
-blue and black construction paper

That's it! Now I'm not an artist so I'm a terrible at drawing free hand.  I just used an oval platter to trace onto my poster board, but you can just cut the oval shape out.

Now this is where the educational stuff comes in (and no I'm not a teacher) but after all the cuts were made, he would have to identify each shape before gluing them on. Even the 3 yr old was able to participate.

Took about 25 mins and there you have it.

 I think he has a new favorite buddy!

Until next time, stay dry!

Mama Tino

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Back to the business of blogging.

It has been months -  7  to be exact since my last post. So that's one Thanksgiving, one Christmas, one New Years, one husband's birthday, one Super Bowl, one Easter/Spring break, all 3 of the kids birthdays, one Mother's day and my birthday which I just celebrated. WOOHOO!

But I think the most important turn of events for this family has been the news of my husband becoming a pastor at our church. Yes! It was certainly something he always knew he was going to do , but the timing was a bit surprising.  He hadn't even gone looking for it, in fact he had only been working about a month at his new job when he was asked to take on this other new role.  So we have shifted gears a bit and now he's been super busy.  With me not working in my old job as a children's ministry director, I can now focus more clearly on just doing my wife and mom duties, which includes blogging and maybe some crafting too :)


Mama Tino