Wednesday, November 14, 2012

School is back in session!

Trying to catch up with my post. So now 2 out of my 3 kids are in school.

Big G. is now a 3rd grader, WOW when did that happen!
I convinced her to chop off a lot of her hair, she's so beautiful, and is doing so well in school, still shooting for her perfect attendance!
Love you baby.

And little G. started preschool, don't let the smirk fool ya. He loves school!

In fact he already had his special day at preschool. They don't believe in celebrating actual birthdays. 
Has to do with some idea of the teachers not knowing their birthdays so they can judge how well they're doing in school by their actions and not just a number. I guess it's cool, he's so big though he looks like he should already be in Kindergarten.

But he loved his All about Me day!
I even went to his first parent teacher conference already, and I just about left in tears because of how much the teacher praised him. She said he has such a kind heart, and loves his classmates so much.
We call him the Pastor cause he never lets us forget to pray!

2 down one to go!

I love you too little J.

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