Thursday, November 15, 2012

Almost up to date!

I love the fall, and 2 out of 3 of my favorite things to do in the fall is......

                                                                  Pumpkin picking!

We joined some friends this year in a special My Dad is Stronger than you're Dad Competition

And though I don't have a picture of Adam holding these, he was holding all of these and took 3 steps. 
He didn't win but was pretty close.
He's still super strong in my book!

We had a good time and even better memories made!

My 2nd favorite thing to do is.....

yep you guessed it, making costumes for my kids, they like the trick or treating part!

But every year I go out of my way to add more stress to my life by making their costumes as opposed to all the millions of other people who just go buy them.
But #1 too expensive now to get 3 kids costumes 
#2 They make for great memories, because they're OOAK.

So  on the left we have Iron man, which didn't take much work because he already had everything in his toy bin.
Now the little mouse was cute but the cheese was a genius idea on my part! ;)

And well Wonder woman, was the one that I was working on till the last minute, cause 8 year olds are not easily impressed.
But she LOVED it.
Simple no sew tutu using a headband, red tshirt, felt emblem and all her accessories came from a cereal box and paper towel roll.  I love a good bargain!

Anyway we had a blast with our friends hosting a little shindig for the kids and then off to Trick or Treat.

It's one of those traditions that my kids will always remember.

Anyway I think I'm all caught up for Turkey Day! Keep you posted maybe I'll even have a craft to share next time!

See Ya!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

School is back in session!

Trying to catch up with my post. So now 2 out of my 3 kids are in school.

Big G. is now a 3rd grader, WOW when did that happen!
I convinced her to chop off a lot of her hair, she's so beautiful, and is doing so well in school, still shooting for her perfect attendance!
Love you baby.

And little G. started preschool, don't let the smirk fool ya. He loves school!

In fact he already had his special day at preschool. They don't believe in celebrating actual birthdays. 
Has to do with some idea of the teachers not knowing their birthdays so they can judge how well they're doing in school by their actions and not just a number. I guess it's cool, he's so big though he looks like he should already be in Kindergarten.

But he loved his All about Me day!
I even went to his first parent teacher conference already, and I just about left in tears because of how much the teacher praised him. She said he has such a kind heart, and loves his classmates so much.
We call him the Pastor cause he never lets us forget to pray!

2 down one to go!

I love you too little J.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

So much time has past....

To say I'm a little behind in my blog would be an understatement. So much time has past, so many memories made.  Where to begin...

Our summer vacation right after my brother's wedding was a blast!

These were the only pics I had with the sun!

Then we had some of our wonderful family back again and got to meet the latest addition to the clan

our 4 month old nephew. What a cutie and a bruiser, he's a big boy!

So the first few days together were cozy cause it was raining!
My niece looking for the sun!


                                        So we did the next best thing... The Children's Museum.

                                                       Uncles can be so silly sometimes!

Even with her grumpy face she's still so cute.

Oh yeah I was there too!

One of these kids is doing his own thing

one of these kids just doesn't belong....
(you know the Sesame street song)
Anyway my son, is the only kid I know that doesn't like ice cream!
But she does!

We made the most of every minute together!

By they way this was a beach vacation!

 see ya next year Top Sail, NC! 

These are the kind of cheesy pics you torture your teenagers with! Can't wait!

Much love,