Friday, July 6, 2012

Can't keep up with Summer!

It's already been super busy this summer, so thanks to PicMonkey I'll be able to keep my post short but sweet!

We got right into summer fun as soon as school ended! We love our water play area at the botanical gardens. Plan on getting every cent of my money's worth from our membership!

Then off to the big city where we celebrated the bridal shower of my soon to be sister Angie and my brother Dan. We are so happy for them! And my parents sure look great!

My other brother Dave the twin to the groom to be was off being a missionary to Africa, the only excuse in the book that will work for him having to miss this! ( But he was so heartbroken not to be there, and he was missed)

The bride to be has such a beautiful, big, loving and hospitable family that gave them such a wonderful shower, full of food, and gifts! We had fun teasing the soon to be newlyweds with some "How well do you know each other games".

And my mom and I didn't hesitate to join in on the fun!  By the way I won the title of "Best looking toilet paper bride" thanks to my fabulous design team of my sister in law Missy and Mama 'Tino".

Then we did something we'd never done before, my husband and I left our kids with their grandparents for an entire 7 days, for a little R and R.

My wonderful husband sacrificed himself by driving 2 weekends in a row back and forth so that I could go on a little girls trip for 3 days.

We had a blast not being mommies for 3 days and 2 nights (It's ok to say that sometimes)!
Love those hot chicks!

But I was so happy to come home to my wonderful man, for the rest of the week (with no kids in the house WOOOWHOOOO)
We went on lunch and dinner dates every night that week (but shhhh don't tell the kids that ;)

Well there's much more to share, but my quiet time is not so quiet anymore (Nap time is over)

to be continued...


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