Monday, May 14, 2012

Serious Mother's Day Stuff!

This Mother's day has been a little bit more than just getting the recognition of being a mom, beautiful flowers, cards and gifts. I'm going to admit something and hopefully I won't get hate mail sent to me.

Motherhood is not easy, its not for the fainthearted, marriage is certainly not easy either but unfortunately so many couples quit being married you can't quit being a parent.

But I digress....You see God has been showing me that it is a privilege and an honor that I'm married to such a wonderful man and given 3 great healthy kids.

Because for a while I wasn't seeing it that way, I consumed myself with myself! Complaining about everything I had to do yet playing the "Martyr", impatient, angry, frustrated, snippy and just plain mean sometimes to my husband and kids.

It took me watching a certain movie for the first time (which I am ashamed to admit that we'd not seen yet being a "christian family" and all) and reading the book inspired by the movie.
Ok, ok it was Fireproof, and we're reading The Love Dare, we're just about the only couple in our church that hadn't seen it,
But it has truly challenged our marriage, and though we are still very early into the 40 days, it has helped me to step outside of myself and see what I was acting like. I'm no where near "changed" but certainly trying my best to get it right.


"Phew" I needed to get that off my chest!

Here are some pics from my wonderful weekend.

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