Monday, April 23, 2012

4th Birthday!

My little man turned 4 yesterday. He is growing up so fast, starts preschool next year and I don't know where the time has gone. But this year he set his sights on having a Toy Story themed party and did not waiver (unlike my 7yr old girl hmm).

I've started a new tradition of decorating our dining room the night before their birthday's with balloons and streamers, and when they wake up the say the "birthday fairy came"(although they really know it's me)

So although I was super exhausted; it's all worth it when you get a reaction like this!

I always love reminding my children why they are so special to me and their daddy.

He is such a sweet, tender hearted, yet playful, silly little "boy's boy". Who loves playing with superheroes, trains, cars and of course Toy Story(at least just this year). Is super affectionate with his mama but loves to wrestle with his dad and watches over his sisters.
DOES NOT LIKE VEGETABLES! But loves chocolate chip cookies (that's my boy!)
His new favorite word is "thingamaboba"
And every night after we pray, and I kiss him goodnight he'll always say
"mama can you give me a dream"
He just melts my heart.

Love little buddy!

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