Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spring Fever

Spring has always been the time of the year when I do my most crafting, it's a time where life slows down just enough for me to do what I love. So with the really mild winter we've had, I was inspired to get crafting just a little bit early.  Although it's not too wintry outside our dining room table looks pretty cold and barren these days.

Boring right!

I love flowers but
1. don't know enough about them to grow them
2. don't have the money to always buy them.
That being said, I've come across this project a few times on different sites, and decided to try it for myself.
So this is what I came up with

The vase was just a spray painted old one I had gotten from a get well soon bouquet.

Here's what you need:

Crepe streamer roll
(your choice of color)
hot glue gun
(and the glue of course)
(that one is super free around here) 

Step 1:
Cut your crepe paper
 unfortunately for you, I'm terrible at taking measurements
I use the "just eyeball it" method a lot.
But if I had to guess I'd say inch and a half squares.
What ever looks good to you.
 Step 2:
Fold over one corner to make a triangle.

 Step 3:
Pinch it from the center of the folded side and just kinda gather it.
if it looks something like this
your half way done!

Step 4:
Put a dab of glue wherever you want there to be a blossom

It adds just enough, color and fullness to the table.
Can't wait till Spring!

Happy Crafting!


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Monday, February 13, 2012

Papyrus has nothing on me!

Lately I've been on an anti-store bought Valentine's day kick, I mean it's so expensive just because it's RED.
So I got busy today on the eve of V-day making cards for hubby, the kids, even the 2nd grade teacher.
By no means is this a tutorial but more like a Public Service Announcement. 
Please, please, please you don't  have to spend a lot of money on cards and gifts. With a little bit of paper and a small hint of craftiness I was able to make these little gems. Nothing special but surely ONE OF A KIND.

Super duper simple but let's face it kids really don't care for cards.
I'm working on a little treat for them,but I'll show you on another post.

Happy Valentine's Day!

 Much Love,

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl, Super Friends and Super Fun!

I'd like to start off by saying WOOOWHOOO! Our Giants won the Super Bowl!
So, a few weeks ago when we knew our boys in blue we're heading to the Super Bowl my husband and I looked at each other and realized that it was our patriotic duty as Giants fans to host a Super Bowl Party (especially since the last time they won the Super Bowl my husband had the flu).
In our enthusiasm we just started inviting and inviting people, and as the head count grew, it hit me I'd never hosted a Super Bowl party before or any party for that matter aaahhh! How was I going to set up the house, all the cleaning that had to be done, all the little unfinished projects around the house my husband had to work on, the shopping, decorating and cooking oye vey! I mean our house was not like some of the other homes we've gone to parties at before.  How was it all going to work out, there were going to be so many kids running around (mine are crazy enough as it is) would people have a good time, what would they think!
That thinking is a lot of the reason why we never hosted parties to begin with.  But that all changed the moment my first guest arrived.  I was overwhelmed with joy as we stood over the stove making 
Chicken Parmesan sliders together and laughing at the story she told about her first time hosting a Super Bowl party.  As more and more friends walked in carrying yummy food, and laughter filled the air, I knew that it didn't matter if my kitchen floors looked warn out or that there was still a piece of blue painter's tape on the wall that my hubby forgot to rip off.
We ate, cheered, laughed, sang and there was even some college stepping going on, and all of our wonderful guest helped clean up. I hardly had anything left to do by the time the last person walked out.
And fortunately for me I was having so much fun that there was no time to take pictures.

So let this be a testimony to my fellow turtle- like home bodies to be intentional and make your house be such, that all who enter feels at home.

Oh and thanks to the Dollar Tree for all of my cool and cheap decorations!