Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas for us is always a whirlwind, cause we celebrate it about 3 times each year.
But I guess that's not a bad thing.



                                                    They were truly blessed this year!

Then we shuffle off to see our family, for some more Merry Mayhem, all the while I keep asking the kids to remind me "What are we really celebrating"!

So for the last 3 years we've had a Santa visit at mima's house, and boy were they thrilled(can't you just tell) My son was just trying to be courteous to him(a.k.a uncle Jordan).

So by this time next year mima will have 8 grandchildren! And we're finally adding another boy to the clan. YAY!

(my brothers and Adam's nana)
 Christmas eve is unique in that  my husband and I are  able to celebrate with both our families together at the same time under the same roof, not many people can say that, and we certainly don't take it for granted.
and no he's not singing opera to my dad.

Christmas day we are on the move again, visiting so more precious family.

Grandpa is a big practical joker, so it was only fitting that we gave him a bag of coal this year! He absolutely loved it! 

And so the exciting news on my side of the family is a Wedding!

There are so many people whose photos I didn't get to post (especially you mom) but I was doing a really stinking job of taking pics so I apologize but the memories are forever engraved in my heart.
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a very awesome New Year!