Monday, May 9, 2011

More birthdays, festival and Mother's Day!

First off a belated Happy Mother's Day to my mama, mother in law, sister in laws and friends. Hope your day was as wonderful as you all are!
Secondly, for those of you who know me, I'm not a materialistic person and certainly don't care about "brand names", however please allow me to honor my husband in saying THANK YOU for the most beautiful Dooney & Bourke Bag that he absolutely blessed the socks off of me with for Mother's Day!
Enough said!
And thank you to my wonderful children who without them I'd have no reason to celebrate this joyous day.
By the way I'm rocking the lastest in hairstyles, it's called "lying on the couch when all three kids jump on top of you"!

So I'm done with all the birthday hoopala, unfortunately I have no good photos of the cute Hello Kitty themed birthday party for my daughter(had to use the cell phone, so pardon the fuzziness, man I can't live without my Nikon)

But they had a blast!
Can you find the little brother in the picture who followed all the girls around.

And lastly we hit the SSF on Saturday where once again the kids had a blast with more friends, food and games!

 They even got to board a fire truck!

MAY is still not over yet!

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