Monday, May 2, 2011

It's great to be Seven!

Here are some of the wonderful things that make you - you!
You're sweet spirit.
You love to just be a kid.
You are bright and so creative.
You rock at Wii Just Dance.
You're sentimental (like your mama)
And crazy fun (like you're dad)
You're eyes sparkle and your smile is so sincere.
You're such a wonderful big sister.
And like I always tell you, You are so special to us because you taught us how to be a mom and dad.
We are so proud of the little lady you're becoming!
Happy Birthday Princess!
Love your mama and daddy!

1 comment:

Craftberry Bush said...

Hey Mama ...espero de que tu dia de las madres haya sido muy lindo....gracias por tu amistad...besitos,
(sorry if I made a ton of errors...:( )

ps...happy belated to the little princess...xo