Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Baby Season!

This is a first for our family, but we discovered these little guys just right outside our door
and their proud mama watching over them and feeding them.

So in honor of these new little critters I thought I'd share my latest of creations. I'll be attending a baby shower this weekend and to be quite honest I don't know the young lady very well but plan on being a part of her life real soon!
God has been stirring in the hearts of a few women specifically mamas in our church to mentor  and walk alongside some young inner city mamas, which I'm humbled to be a part of it.

So of course I LOVE to craft and can't wait to introduce them to this wonderful and sometimes therapeutic( at least for me) outlet of creativity.

So back to the baby stuff!
I started with the idea of making washcloths lollipops. Cute right?

These started as a 10 pack of REALLY inexpensive baby washcloths, each pop consists of 2 washcloths that I folded over about 3 times, laid flat one on top of the other. 
Started rolling from one end to the other, and stuck a piece of clear tape to hold it in place. Then taped a craft stick to the back, other versions use baby spoons.
I had nothing but sandwich bags on hand to wrap them in, which I cut a little bit shorter, and tied with curling ribbon.

But  my wheels kept turning.

  Diaper cakes have always been a great way to make a pratical and much needed gift look fabulous, but I always thought they were too complicated and time consuming to make, until now.

 (click link below)
Here's my debut diaper cake, using the super easy method from the link above, a bottle of baby lotion(hidden in the center), the super cute washcloths and 10 diapers.
Oh and lots of curling ribbon!

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Craftberry Bush said...

Hey Mama...long time no talk...sorry...The lolli's are sooo happy for you, you deserve to be amongst all those talented women.....
blessings xo