Tuesday, May 17, 2011

From Pop to Pom

Well it's been a while since I've done a tutorial, however this is not anything that hasn't been done already, I just love the challenge of making something from nothing.
So after all the birthday party hoopla these last couple of months I was left with a few of these lying around.
That turned into these lying around!

So here's where garbage turns into fashion cheap and easy!

You'll need something small and round to make your template. What household doesn't have a medicine cup.

 Using your small whatever trace a circle unto a piece of heavy cardstock or in this case I used a piece of cardboard to make your template.
Now here's my contribution to the crafting world,  many tutorials will show tracing out individual circles, but it looks soooo overwhelming to have to cut out one circle at a time. Instead I fold up the fabric a few times, I hold up my template against the folded fabric and begin cutting...
...and here's what you get, multiple circles in one shot, you can make more than just four at a time depending on the thickness of your fabric.
Now start your petals, fold in half once
 then twice

and dab a dot of hot glue in the middle where your petal comes to a point then

press it down onto your ring pop base (I forgot to mention that I clipped of the little nub that stuck out in the center of the ring) continue gluing your petals all they way around your ring.


Thanks to my daughter for the blue sparkle manicure.
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Lauren said...

Super cute! What a great way to use those plastic rings!