Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Sweetest Surprise!

Today we celebrate the 1st year of your life! So here's a list all of the fun and cute things that you are doing right now!

You love to sing  and one of your favorite songs is"Que linda manita que tener bebe".  (english translation how beautiful the baby's hand)
You know how to say mama, dada and especially gaga(that's your big sister)
You love to wrestle with you big brother and never back down.
You've got a mouth full of teeth, so you can eat just about anything.

You are crawling and standing up on everything you can, investigating the world around you.
You feel the need to rummage the garbage pails, (that's really gross and we're not proud of that one!)
You love to dance  shaking your little hips from side to side.
Your smile lights up any room, and your laugh is contagious.

Happy Birthday Johanna Evangeline Martino.
We love you
Mama, Dada, Gabi and Gio


Michele Tewks said...

She is so precious. Happy Birthday princess!

Craftberry Bush said...

awww... she's so pinchable...I love that age...happy belated...sorry I missed it..I try to visit as often as I can...I hope you have a great weekend...xox