Friday, April 1, 2011

Free, easy and oh so cute Fabric Eggs

I just adore fabric eggs and balls, but I don't want to buy those plastic

eggs or Styrofoam balls cause my motto is Use Whatcha Got!

So here's the free part:

What do I have plenty of... PLASTIC SHOPPING BAGS!

So I balled up one bag and stuck it in another and started rolling them up into an oval egg shape, if you're making a ball then shape it round.

Then wrapped it up in masking tape keeping the egg shape.

And here's the easy part:

If you know how to make a rosette, you got this!

Using approximately 1" wide strip of fabric(couldn't tell you how long you can just eyeball it, it depends on the size of your egg or ball) I tied a knot on one end and started hot gluing, twisting the fabric and wrapping it around the shape.

Here's why I like this so much, I hardly used glue, I was able to wrap the fabric and only glue towards the ends (so no burning fingertips!).

Cute right!

And I decided to try it out with twine.

Enjoy! Have a great weekend!

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G. said...

so cute! What a smart idea.

Bliss Images and Beyond said...

What a great idea!! So thrifty! Visiting from Blissimagesandbeyond, stop by for a visit sometime! :-)

Kelley said...

Definatly, cute....! Have a great weekend. said...

Very clever!

Rleen said...

Great creations! Thanks for the comments you left in my blog. I truly appreciated.
Hugs, Rleen

Jen said...

What a great idea! Those are super cute! Thanks for sharing at Fantastic Friday, I hope you will join us again tomorrow!

Craftberry Bush said...

Hey Les ! thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet message as usual....I've tried to respond to your messages through email but your comment settings are set to a 'non-reply' blogger..which means people cant reply...not sure if you want it that way or not...anyway I just wanted to say....thanks and let you know that
I appreciate you and your friendship. have a great weekend !