Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Birthdays, An Easter and Circus oh my!

We have celebrated this month with a 1st birthday party, Spring break, a 3rd birthday party, Easter and the Circus!  WOOOO! (and I'm still planning the 7year olds birthday party)
Crazy fun though!
So let the pics roll!
Serious party animal!

A very special mima!

Mama(as in grandma not me) and Grandpa

Daddy and his youngest princess.
Got to enjoy spring break with the cousins!

another party animal!

he's all about giving the peace sign lately.

A trail of Peeps lead them to their baskets Easter morning.

We love the circus, it's been a tradition for the last 6 years

and Joey absolutely love it!

These are the moments that I can never get back but will always treasure.

Happy Spring everyone!

Love Les

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to the other guy in my life!

Gio here are some of the things that make you special!
#1 You are my only son!
#2 Your eyes melt my heart!
#3 You absolutely love TRAINS!
#4 You're so smart!
#5You always make me laugh!
#6 Your are so handsome!
I thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful little boy!

Happy 3rd  Birthday little man!

Love Mama

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Sweetest Surprise!

Today we celebrate the 1st year of your life! So here's a list all of the fun and cute things that you are doing right now!

You love to sing  and one of your favorite songs is"Que linda manita que tener bebe".  (english translation how beautiful the baby's hand)
You know how to say mama, dada and especially gaga(that's your big sister)
You love to wrestle with you big brother and never back down.
You've got a mouth full of teeth, so you can eat just about anything.

You are crawling and standing up on everything you can, investigating the world around you.
You feel the need to rummage the garbage pails, (that's really gross and we're not proud of that one!)
You love to dance  shaking your little hips from side to side.
Your smile lights up any room, and your laugh is contagious.

Happy Birthday Johanna Evangeline Martino.
We love you
Mama, Dada, Gabi and Gio

Friday, April 1, 2011

Free, easy and oh so cute Fabric Eggs

I just adore fabric eggs and balls, but I don't want to buy those plastic

eggs or Styrofoam balls cause my motto is Use Whatcha Got!

So here's the free part:

What do I have plenty of... PLASTIC SHOPPING BAGS!

So I balled up one bag and stuck it in another and started rolling them up into an oval egg shape, if you're making a ball then shape it round.

Then wrapped it up in masking tape keeping the egg shape.

And here's the easy part:

If you know how to make a rosette, you got this!

Using approximately 1" wide strip of fabric(couldn't tell you how long you can just eyeball it, it depends on the size of your egg or ball) I tied a knot on one end and started hot gluing, twisting the fabric and wrapping it around the shape.

Here's why I like this so much, I hardly used glue, I was able to wrap the fabric and only glue towards the ends (so no burning fingertips!).

Cute right!

And I decided to try it out with twine.

Enjoy! Have a great weekend!

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