Thursday, March 31, 2011

YAY a challenge!

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I'm getting my feet wet in the blogging world, by participating in this super fun looking challenge!

Create something with these 3 specific items:
paint chips
cereal box
and of course your allowed to use the basics (i.e scissors, glue, paint, tape etc)

But I love this challenge specifically because I'm a true believer in using whatcha got!

So here it is!

Not much to it, the kites were made from the paint chips I swiped from Lowes to make my son a color block book to help him learn his colors, but I never got around to it(lol), some paint on the back of a cereal box and twine.

I know it looks like a kid made it but it hangs in the kid's playroom!

Can't wait till next week!



Mrs. C said...

the color block book for your son is a great idea...dont give up on that idea!
like how you used your items!!

≼mE aNd mY tâ„ŽrIfTy IdEaS≽ said...

soooo cute! thank you so much for linking up!

The Mama said...

Thank You Me and My thrifty ideas!
It was my pleasure! It's a great idea!

Thank you Mrs C. unfortunately I used up all the paintchips fortunately my son is learning his colors anyway! lol!

Christina @ The Tattered Tag said...

So creative & fun!! Thanks so much for linking to Three Item Thursday last week. Hope you will be sharing another great idea today. :)

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