Monday, March 14, 2011

Best mom in the world and no it's not me!

I've been a very bad blogger this month, and forget about crafting, but I'm gearing up because I have 3 birthdays 10 days apart from each other within the next month and a half. So I'm sure I'll have lots to share about then.

But to the short and sweet of it for right now more so just for the sake of memory keeping.
My hubby had another work trip last week, so my mommy came to visit for 5 days woo hoo!
It was party time for me! She spoiled me rotten. But I didn't take advantage of her, too much!
She's amazing she braved a 5 and a half hour train ride just to see us. She didn't know this but I got all teary eyed when I pulled up to the train station and saw her standing there with her little suitcase and a huge smile on her face. It was then that God reminding me how blessed I truly was.
Anyway, I was able to do stuff, for me! Like get my hair cut, hit up a MOPS meeting, get my eyebrows threading which I treated her to and we looked fabulous.
And got to go on 2 dates in a row once Adam got back.

But most importantly my kids got to have quality time with their grandma or "mama" as they call her. Cause whenever we see each other it's usually just a quick weekend visit, that has to be shared with so many other family members crammed into 2 days.
And she just loved on them so.

So I know it's far from Mother's Day but I just wanted to honor my fabulous mom this way.
I love you ma!

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