Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Year One

This year will bring a first birthday, a 10 year wedding anniversary and drum roll please!!!!
A Blogaversary! A year ago today I ventured to start a journey that truthfully I didn't think I'd follow through with. A whole lot has changed and stayed the same throughout this year, like the birth of our third and FINAL child, our dear friends and Pastor moved away and in an ironic twist of fate my husband is on a business trip just as he was a year ago today :( miss you babe!

It may not be one of the most viewed blogs out there or have all the fancy bells and whistles that most do, but you know what, it's the most precious and valuable one to me because it's saved our family memories, shared them with loved ones not near to us and birthed a creativity in me I never thought I had.

So, in keeping this short but sweet (like my very first post) I'd like to encourage and challenge any of you reading this today that would love to start "blogging" but think they just don't have the time or it wouldn't be interesting enough. He's my answer to you... You do and it will be!




Craftberry Bush said...

Yay to you and the Tino's!

G. said...

Congratulations on your Blogaversary! I love reading your blog and am glad you started it. It really doesn't matter how fancy a blog is, the most important part is the memories that it keeps. :)