Saturday, February 12, 2011

Week filled with laughter and tears and lots of love!

These last few days before Valentine's Day have been filled with laughter and tears, and lots of love!
It was time to say goodbye to one of dearest and closest friends who have moved to the West Coast, a long ways from here.

Though we know we'll always be friends it's never easy saying goodbye. I'm praying for them because I personally know how they feel. Six years ago we moved away from everything and everyone we knew, but were blessed to find a wonderful pastor and family who treated us like their own. So my prayer for them is that God bless them even more than they blessed us for the last six years.

Now I think what is really going to make me cry right now is talking about "the kids". You see I don't know exactly when, how or why it even happened but our kids became best friends, and so we had to have one last play date this past week. They had a blast even though the mommies were annoying them taking their pictures and crying.

Isn't he a cutie! I use to change his diapers(although I'm sure he wouldn't like me talking about that).

They are so beautiful.

You can't see it in the pic but they're all sitting on top of a very special car bed they gave my son.

So it's not goodbye, it's see you soon!

Thankfully to distract my daughter from this sad time, she was also excited to attend her very first Father Daughter Banquet.

I could tell he was holding back from crying, cause I was!

Happy Valentines Day!


G. said...

It is so sad when we have to part ways with friends. Great picture of your daughter and Adam...she is beautiful, and looks just like you!! :)

Craftberry Bush said...

aww...sorry your weekend was a little sad...:o( but like you'll see each other soon and the time you do get to spend together will be even more precious.
warm hugs ,