Monday, February 14, 2011

"Pop yo Blue Collar, Valentine Day Flowa"

I found these empty cans in the back yard hmmmm....must have been jazzbone our friendly hobo that uses my shed, anyway make sure they are nice and empty (Pabst just looks cool).

Next I had Gio run to the dinning room and "borrow" another item for our presentation I think Les might have used these in her last craft.

Now Gabi's turn hmm what can we use? then I hear a yell and Gio is attacking Gabi with the heart balloon and it breaks off the stick awesome baby!!!!
Just add some nice ribbon and voila!


G. said...

wow. I am very impressed. The beer cans definitely give it a blue-collar feel. LOL. :)

Craftberry Bush said...

Wow!!! How adorable is this? Happy love day
To both of you. God bless!!! Awwww.... And awwwww and

The Mama said...

It was the best gift I could have ever asked for. He knows what I really like. sooo sweet. He even changed my blog template but I don't care. He makes me still makes me laugh.