Monday, February 7, 2011

Cute Valentine on a dime!

If you pay attention to my blog at all this craft may look familiar to you, however I amped it up a bit.

It's super cute, easy and cheap.

Here's what you need:
*empty paper towel roll
*Elmer's glue
*glitter (woohoo)
(depending on what you decide to make
last 2 are optional)
*curling ribbon
*hole punch

Simply cut the paper towel roll into rings I made mine about half an inch to maybe an inch wide.
I was able to get about 11 out of these.

Next, just pinch the roll in the center, go ahead and give it a good squeeze. After making a few of them I realized I needed to really fold them in good so that they would keep their shape.

Make a little "dipping station" for yourself of glue and glitter. Dip in Glue

Dip in glitter, roll it around good so it's all coated.
And once you let it go you should have a sweet little glitter trim heart shape.

So I decided to use them as decorative tags, and attached to hole punched mini fruit roll ups
with ribbon for my daughter's class.

**Here's a tip: don't bother buying the made for Valentine's day kind fruit roll ups because they're more expensive.**

Although it's a bit small you can write on these however, I suggest writing on them before you glue and glitter.

Here are some ideas:


handmade cards

in floral bouquets

napkin rings

place cards

I'd love to see what you can do these.

handmade projects


G. said...

another very cute idea, leslie! My son will love this one. He's always wanting to use up things from the recycle bin! :)

Lowri said...

Linking up from Whipperberry - I LOVE this idea. My kids love naything with glitter nad this would be a perfect craft to share with them. THANKS for sharing