Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend stuff and a craft too!

Gabi attended a fun birthday party this weekend at the Science Museum, where I actually had a good time too! Gio and I crashed for a few minutes but since we had never been to the museum before so, he and I had an impromptu date.

They were creating experiments, so glad it wasn't my kitchen.

You can't really tell from the pic but he was on a train, he absolutely adores trains. He's so handsome!

All the exhibits are "hands on" perfect for him.

OK this pic is totally out of sequence since it was taken last weekend, but It was too funny to pass up.

He thought it was funny to test out Johanna's Jenny Jump up. We were hysterical.

And finally(drum roll please) a CRAFT!

Sunday we began to make part of Gabi's Valentines for her classmates.

Super easy for little hands, and for the crafters out there this has the potential to be a great V-Day decoration.

First I measured off 1" wide sections that I marked on an empty paper towel roll, where Gabi then decorated one for each of her classmates, now she's got 20+ kids in her class so we needed 2 empty rolls.

Next, cut each decorated section off.

Of course you're left with a round piece but here's they way tricky part(listen carefully)lol!

You simply bend in the middle and kind of crease it, pinch it and when you let it go you're left with...

Our plan is to attach it to a bag of candy with curling ribbon but I haven't gotten that far yet.

But You can do so much with this method, I'm thinking mommy's gonna make garland out of these and add a little Sparkle ;) maybe even write down the names of those we LOVE inside of them. I could go on and on with ideas. Have fun with this one!

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