Thursday, January 20, 2011

Simple Centerpiece

Here's an oh so easy decorating idea!

Step 1. Have a baby and I'm sure you'll have plenty of these in the kitchen. Unless of course you breastfeed, than find some other container.

Step 2. Find a fabric, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, an old sweater, whatever you like. For me it was an old pair of pants(that don't fit!)

Step 3. Cut to fit around your container.

Step 4. Cover your container in glue, I happened to use adhesive spray, but I'm sure you can use a hot glue gun, Modge Podge or just plain white glue.
The spray adhesive is just a little more forgiving in case you have to shift stuff around.
Sorry there's no pic but you can figure it out.

Step 5. Wrap your container and if your dealing with fabric like I was then you may have to smooth it out.

Step 6. Then fold in the ends I used my hgg for this. But if your using paper you don't have to do this cause you'd just cut it to fit.

Ok pardon the interruption but while I was making this my daughter decided to nab an extra piece of pant I had cut off and turned it into a cowl neck scarf, all by herself, "the little fashionista"!

And of course Gio is not to be left behind!


Ok back to the show!

Final Step fill with flowers or branches, these happen to be "fake flowers" I picked up for 3 bucks at Ben Franklins.

And Voila!


G. said...

so cute, leslie! Have you ever checked out the blog Family Chic? You'd love it. She makes amazing things out of stuff around her house, it's really fun. :)

The Mama said...

thanks Gina. I'll check it out I'm getting so addicted to blogs.

Craftberry Bush said...

pretty ! :)