Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sentimental Moments

The credit for this idea must go to my mother-in-law however, I did put my crafty spin on it! My kids are all very sentimental (hmm I wonder who they got that from)so whenever they cried "MIMA" would find a jar to catch their tears in. She'd tell them that God bottled their tears and somehow it makes them feel better. So, I've been on a container/jar collecting kick lately and, had saved 3 plastic containers (thanks to Gerber Puffs)that would make perfect "Tear Bottles".

Around here there are tears EVERYDAY and within the next month we'll be needing a big bottle cause one of our dear family friends will be moving away to California, so as it says in Ps 56:8b You have put my tears in your bottle.

By no means is this a tutorial but hopefully it will inspire you to to make your own "Tear Bottles" for your children or yourselves as a reminder that the Lord cares for us.

**Disclaimer** If you children are a little over dramatic like mine can be, it may cause them to produce "extra tears" for some "extra attention".

God Bless!

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