Monday, January 3, 2011

CHRISTMAS and everything else!

We started with Christmas here at home since the kids don't get to wake up Christmas morning in their own home and open gifts we tell them Santa makes a special trip to our house a day or two earlier(and yes they sort of believe in Santa, but they know Christ is the real reason we celebrate Christmas!)

Then off to NY.
This year Christmas at Mima's(my mother-in-law)was extra special, for the first time in 3 years all 3 brothers and their families were together, and I finally got to meet my beautiful niece Mya who is almost a year old.

Then finally Christmas Day! We make a special trip to Nana's house (my hubby's paternal grandma)bearing gifts and Italian pastries, a tradition that has taken place for well over 30 years.

And patiently waiting for us to get back into Staten Island to see them is my wonderful family. Mama and grandpa just love on us and feed us some traditional Pasteles a yummy Puerto Rican treat. This year we got see some old family friends and met new girlfriend!

This was just the tip of the iceberg literally! We had decided to stay in NY an entire week to spend some much needed quality time with my brother in-law, sister-in-law and Mya and boy did we ever. The forecast called for a blizzard and by Monday morning we were snowed in by 29 inches of snow, needless to say we were getting cabin fever.

So by Thursday we decided to bundle ourselves up and trek into Manhattan, where we visited Times Square and The Rockefeller Center Tree.

If you're wondering where Joey is she stayed with Mama for the day, we know our limits! Maybe next year.

Gio and Gabi loved taking the Ferry and Subway.

We had a wonderful time!

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joellie88 said...

What a great narrative, made me relive every moment. Thanks Les