Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent Calendar

So it's the most wonderful time of the year again! Around here counting down to Christmas is a very important ritual, however this year I wanted it to mean so much more. So the kids and I worked on our very first Advent Calendar.

Nothing fancy as you can see.

The circles are cut from a brown paper shopping bag(which translates to FREE)
 a little glitter, glue and a hole punch of course, easy peasy!

At first I thought I'd be different and hang them on the Christmas tree(which I might still do next year) but I remembered that I had painted this old frame red and really didn't know what to do with it.
And then it was like in the movies when God shines the light down on the "answer" and you hear angels singing "ahhhhh"
Ok well maybe not quite like that but it sounded great right?

Back to the point, I stapled 5 pieces of  string to the back of the frame and loosely tied small pieces of string through the circle and around the "clothesline"(for lack of a better word). I say loosely because I plan on having the kids pull one number off a day and wouldn't want the whole thing to fall apart.
And there you have the makings of an Advent Calendar.
But this year instead of just "counting down" each night before bed we'll take turns pulling off the day's number and reading a passage of scripture from the book of Luke leading up to the birth of Christ.

Looking forward to a season of giving, hope and joy!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Falls Here!

The fall is one of my favorite seasons and one of my favorite places to decorate is our dining room table. It's where all the action happens!
So with just a few bucks spent at the dollar store and some items already on hand I made a lovely yet simple centerpiece.

I love making my house a home!

Happy Harvest!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to Blogging!

It has been well over a month since my last post,and with good reason. We enjoyed the last few days of summer on the beach!
This was one of my favorite vacations, some of our family visited us at the beach house, and most importantly my husband and I celebrated 10 wonderful years of marriage.

So basically we just "did the beach" every day whenever we wanted!
They just dug, and dug and dug the sand...
And we just watched!
My beautiful sister in law.
My kids LOVED the waves, and their uncle!
 And when we weren't "doing the beach", we had just as much fun inside.
You see my kids, husband and I have this traditional of blasting the ipod and having a Dance Party at least once a week, and it was no different on vacation, in fact we got everybody in on it.
And when we weren't swimming or dancing we simply just rested!
Which was this mama's favorite thing to do.
My mom, mother in law, brother  and my husband's titi (that's aunt for you non-spanish speaking folks) joined us mid way through our vacation.
And what a pleasure and a blessing it was to have them help make these memories with us, are only wish was that we could've had the rest of our family there too, maybe next year!

And even though our trip was cut a day short due to a hurricane,
and the footprints we left behind have been washed away, the memories are imprinted in our hearts and on our minds forever.
Until next summer Top Sail!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Catch Up

With summer just a little over half way through my motto has been "I must document this" so the next few post maybe just a slew of pics.
                                   We were hanging out poolside with our buddies.
                                                 Jen was Gio's personal swim coach for the day.
He's gotta be the cutest 7 year old boy in the world.
                                                              The Little Mermaids
He just couldn't get enough of Ms. Jen, I'm so happy they're back!
And yes Joey was there too!
 One of my favorite things to do with the kids is taking impromptu trips, doesn't matter where it is but they love to be surprised, and I love to surprise them. So my tip if you've got no money to spend is just go to a park you've never been to before, even if it's a little further away than you'd like but kids love to explore...
                                                         and that's just what we did
                                           this park was cool cause it had a pond with ducks and turtles to feed.
This is why you never see me in many pics, cause I'm the one always taking them, so I set the camera down and set the timer, but poor Gabi's face was cut off, and I had absolutely NO make-up on(remember this was an impromptu trip)
                                              He's all about copying his older sister these days.
He didn't want to leave so he storms off and started to pout, how could you get made at that face.
So on the subject of being spontaneous, we had a super quick visit from my husband's older brother and his family, who were headed back home from there summer vacation trip and since they had to pass through our city they spent the night before the last leg of their drive.
My nephew is getting so grown. no denying these guys are brothers huh!

So the kids decided to have a fashion show/dance party at about 10 o'clock at night, but they never get to see each other as often as they'd like and so we let them have the night.
  There was some serious dancing going on here all 6'4'' of him.

So though it was only but a quick overnight stay and always so hard to say goodbye, we've made a memory that will last forever.

And last but certainly not least
{{drum roll please}}
We had an awesome VBS week for those of you reading who may not know, it stands for
 Vacation Bible School.
Our theme this year was Passport to the Nations  where we highlighted 5 countries from around the world. We had a fabulous team of volunteers from our church and a Missions group that introduced the kids to the different art, food, music from each country and most importanly  prayed for them.

Gabi was soooo happy because her  bff from school participated with her this year.

Although Gio wasn't of age for VBS  he still managed to get involved.
But I guess that's not a bad thing.

Where having a great summer so far and looking forward to our beach trip, but until then we're making our summer memories one dog day at a time!