Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Modge Podge does Rock!

I still consider myself a newbie in the crafting world, so you can only imagine the joy I felt when I used Modge Podge for the first time today. I new it existed but to be honest I didn't want to be one of those people that Modge Podge everything lol, but now I can see why.
Anyway the long and short of it is...

I made Ms. K's (Gabi 1st grade teacher) holiday gift. I know what you're thinking shouldn't Gabi have made it herself, and my rebuttal to that is yeah, but I made anyway. I'm sure Gabi will love it and besides she had an idea of what I'd be making.

A while back I had decided to open up an Etsy shop with a little craft I called LOVESQUARES. I thought it was going to be the next best thing to slice bread, and while I did sell a few of them the "business" never did make it. That was probably the Lord's way of saying "listen kid whatever you do, do it as onto me, and don't charge for it". Needless to say I now have a grave yard of these cute little fabric and paper covered 3"x3" square magnets. Still have the shop too, but I'm going to try and revamp it along with the intent of my heart and see if the Lord will allow me to be blessed. Not that I'm not blessed already! Anyway back to the teacher craft.

This one is a no brainer for any of the crafting moguls out there.

A simple bookmark, out of pretty scrapbook paper,cardboard, ribbon and MP, and the "Lovesquare" magnet.
Listen the magnets easy peasy cut wood, cardboard, plastic whatever in a square any size you want(this one just happens to be a 3"x3" piece of crafting wood)decorate however you want, and glue a magnet to the back. I happened to still have a bunch of the fancy round ceramic ones on hand, but guess what here's a major tip *You know those magnetic advertising business cards you get from the pizza shop, or the tax office just cut a piece of that and stick it on,it's totally free.

And to personalize it I stenciled her initial and voila!

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G. said...

At our homeschool co-op I was teaching the 3rd and 4th grade art class, we did a collage using Mod Podge and I became addicted too! You can use it for anything. I love your gift. :)