Monday, December 13, 2010

Handmade Holiday

I couldn't find our front door wreath anywhere, so I had to think fast, once again when you're short on a dime, you've gotta use what ya got!
This is what I came up with.

I've seen a lot of these square or rectangular shaped wreaths on the crafting blog scene.
Here's my take on it. Soooo Simple!

Snagged one of my cheap $ store frames from the attic and wrapped it with garland I hadn't used from previous Christmas seasons. Since the garland I used had wire in it there was no need for my glue gun so it stayed in place.

And by the way it was an 8x10 frame which was the perfect size for our door. I'm sure it would look awesome as a larger wreath. I did however make a smaller version using a 5x7 frame but used that for a centerpiece.

Now that you've got you wreath go wild and decorate it with our style. I like to keep it simple.

And Voila! I love my wreath on my newly painted red door!(thanks babe!)

Next up 1st grade teacher's holiday gift.

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Angelgbooks said...

Hi Leslie, Its me Angel(the mother). My daughter told me you are a blogger and craft person also so I came over to check out your blog .the kids are adorable and Im so glad you are a crafter(my kind of people. Its so nice to see pics of you and Adam and your children. I cant believe your little brother!!! How did everyone get older so fast. Anyway it was wonderful to peek in on you. You can check out my blog at Christmas to you all...God Bless, Angel