Saturday, November 13, 2010

Salon de Martino

It's a usual Saturday morning; cartoons, crafts, video games and so on... I had noticed something funky going on with Gio's hair, but it didn't strike me as to strange because the day before he had decided to style his hair with a finger full of Adam's lip balm (which is another funny story all on it's own)so even after washing his hair it still had some residue. As I'm cleaning up the craft stuff (scissors included) I found clumps of hair on floor, after investigating them more carefully I knew they were not from Barbie's head but that of a slightly red headed little 2 and a half year old. He didn't deny it and neither did Gabi, she failed to mention earlier that she had seen him with the scissors in one hand, holding his hair in the other. Hmm!

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