Friday, July 30, 2010

Light's Out!

Right around dinner time a summer thunderstorm rolled in which lead to another power outage for us at the Martino household and over 50,000 others in Richmond. Though never easy conditions to live in we're use to it cause we average about 2 "blackouts" a summer. So we took advantage of the daylight before the sun went down, and did the only thing we could do with 3 kids... we played with them.
As the darkness started to creep in so did the fears of our little ones, which meant so did our frustration. Gathering up candles and trying to light them with four little feet trailing behind you is not easy, Oh and did I mention the heat and humidity... not so fun!
But we managed to get by.

Our fireplace so more action in this one night than in all our six years of living here.

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