Monday, March 8, 2010

What was I thinking

Well, it's been a few days and much to catch up on.
Dropped my husband and 22 month old son at the airport last Thursday morning to go visit his brother and new baby for a few days. What was I thinking, well I'll tel you what I was thinking. It started out as a good idea, after all this would be the last time Gio could fly for free, before turning two. Sure, it was a little out of my comfort zone, but all I could think about was that much needed break from running after him for 3 days. Well, they arrived in Florida without a hitch. "He did great, better than I thought" says Adam, so good the guy didn't even bother to call me to let me know he got there. Here's were it all goes down hill! My brother in law has a dog, now I knew this, and I knew there may be a slight chance of Gio sneezing a couple of times because of it but, nothing could have prepared Adam for what happened next. After less than an hour of being there he was covered in hives, a major allergic reaction to the dog. My poor baby, even worse I thought... my poor husband. How or what was he going to do. It was completely out of my control, not that he couldn't handle it cause he did, but I'm usually the one who deals with the "sick kids" after all I'm the maternal one right? I thought of getting him a hotel, or just having them come back home, I mean this was my baby boy that needed to get well, he needed his "mama". But this was the moment where God said "do you trust me". What could I do, most importantly what could Adam do. Well, he did his very best and took care of his son, my baby and though I wasn't there to "handle it" Gio was taken care of. They're home and all is well with the world.

Now back at the Martino Ranch, I was dealing with my own dilemma, nothing I hadn't dealt with before but not at all they way I thought my weekend was going to go. I had big plans for Gabi and I, our last hurray before Johanna arrives or as I like to call her baby#3. So, Friday night was supposed to be dinner out, what does she request, good ole McDonald's. Great! just what I love to eat because I don't get enough of it. Anyway fast forward to 10 pm that night and let's just say I was cleaning up some yucky stuff from her bedroom floor. So not so much fun for me, sleeping on the couch with her and her head in a garbage pail, a fever the next day. was not the "girl weekend" I had in mind.

But I will say this, my house is clean and organized after all what else could I do.

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