Friday, March 19, 2010

So ironic!

Well today was one of the "nesting days" for me, my house is pretty much in order so I decided to hit the car wash and give my 3 month old new car a much needed car wash. Not just one of those quickie car washes you do just so that you're not embarrassed while driving around, I got down to the nitty gritty. It is shining, vacuumed up every speck of dirt, even the car seats got a once over. Oh and the trunk too!
I mean after all, the first place this new baby will be in after leaving the hospital is going to be the car, right!

So, I find it a bit ironic that after all that being done today, I picked up Gabi from school and hit the school's playground of course (it's like 75 degrees out there). As we enter into the haven of dirt, the playground was a buzz with talk of the new sand in the sand pit. Oh dear how on earth was I going to dodge that one.
Well, I didn't. I have a 23 month old little boy what kind of mama would I be if I didn't let them play in it. But, even I couldn't ignore the beautiful white, sparkly and cool feel of the sand, as the kids covered my flip flop wearing toes with it. We played for over and hour in it as we cheered for all of Gabi's friends playing soccer. It was so much fun!

And, believe it or not the car stayed remarkably clean after that, maybe it was because of the fact I shook them both so hard before getting in the car.

Life is to short to sweat those little ironies that come our way!

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